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No Zoom Meeting Tonight Weds. 5/12!

Hello All,

I am extremely sorry to do this to all of you, but I am not up to our virtual class tonight.  I’m pretty sick (no, it’s not the coronavirus but  a side-effect of my medical problems).  I have prescription medication for these episodes, but it makes me very sleepy and loopy; ergo, not in good shape to conduct class.

Luckily I’d already planned on an extra class at the usual time on Monday!  Now it can be a make-up class for tonight and will give me a chance to say good-bye to all of you “in person.”  (Monday’s class is still optional.)

In the meantime, please keep checking the website and your email.  Also everyone watch the following PBS documentary on the Stonewall Uprising – I was planning to show at least part of it in class tonight.

Stay safe and healthy,

Prof. Jaime Weida

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