List of All Graded Assignments this Semester

Hello All,

Below are all the graded assignments we’ve had this semester.  I’m posting them here so that you have all the information in one place in case you are missing any of them.

THE LAST DATE/TIME TO TURN IN ANY ASSIGNMENTS IS FRIDAY 5/22 AT 11:59 PM.  Due to the extraordinary circumstances this semester, the usual lateness penalties do not apply.

A missing assignment counts as an F.

SHORT ESSAYS: All of these together make up 50% of your total class grade.  I WILL BE DROPPING THE LOWEST SHORT ESSAY GRADE (this includes a missing grade).

  • First Short Essay
    • Introductory assignment – why you registered for this class and what the word “Queer” means to you
  • Second Short Essay
    • Discussion of Walt Whitman or Oscar Wilde (EMAIL ME if you are missing this essay)
  • Third Short Essay
    • This was an open-topic response paper.
    • Choose whichever aspect of The Well of Loneliness you would like to discuss, including contextualizing it in terms of past and/or present society.
    • Your short essay needs to be at least one page long, not including the essay heading
  • Fourth Short Essay
    • Pick any one work we have read since the last short essay.  This means works by:
      • Audre Lorde
      • Billy Martin
      • Caitlin R. Kiernan
      • Sam J. Miller
    • Analyze and discuss the work you choose from your own perspective (this is essentially a “choose your own topic”) assignment
    • Your short essay needs to be at least one page long, not including the essay heading
  • Fifth Short Essay
    • Write your own work of Queer literature!
    • This is a creative writing assignment.  You may write whatever you’d like, as long as it fits under the umbrella of Queer literature.
    • Some possibilities include:
      • Write your own short story or poem
      • Write a screenplay (or part of one) or a song
      • Create a video document or podcast
      • Create a work of visual art (must provide pictures and an explanation of the work)
      • Write a prequel or sequel to something we’ve read this semester
      • Write a work of Queer literature inspired by something we’ve read this semester

FINAL RESEARCH PAPER: This paper is worth 30% of your total class grade

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Prof. Jaime Weida

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