John Constantine’s Sexuality

Hello All,

I just thought this was interesting – those of you who are into comics and/or superheroes may know of the character of John Constantine, who was created back in the 1980s by Alan Moore during Moore’s tenure writing The Swamp Thing for DC.  Like Wonder Woman, for a while Constantine has been canonically bisexual in the comics and in media adaptions.  However, it was recently announced that Constantine had a relationship with the character King Shark, which makes him (and I am quoting from the article below) “bi-specieal.”

Click the image below to read the article:

I am…not sure what I think about this in terms of representation.  However, comics and superheroes are currently a HUGE cultural touchstone and source of inspiration and role models for children, young people, and adults as well.  I think it’s important to consider the amount of and effects of Queer representation in this incredibly popular genre of pop culture.

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Prof. Jaime Weida

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