Updates on BMCC Policies

Hello All,

I am trying my best to keep all of you updated about changing BMCC policies during this confusing time.  I’ve mentioned all of the below, but here they are in one place for you reference:

  • All summer classes will be online.
  • Right now there is no final decision about whether or not all fall 2020 classes will also be online.  In a meeting earlier this week, we were told there is a very good chance that will happen.  This should be decided by early June and I’m sure there will be an update on the BMCC website.
  • If you owe $4,000 or less from spring 2020, you will still be allowed to register for fall 202o classes.  However, you’ll have to pay whatever you owe BMCC before fall classes start.
  • If you are on academic probation, you will not be dismissed based on your grades this semester.  The probation will carry over into fall.
  • You will have 20 days after your class grades appear in CUNYFirst to change any or all of them into a Credit/No Credit grade (you do this in CUNYFirst).  Grades in the A – D range can be converted to a “credit” (CR) grade, showing that you took and passed the course.  A CR grade will not affect your GPA.  An F grade can be converted into a “no credit” (NC) grade, which is basically the same as not having taken the class and will also not affect your GPA.  Make sure to talk to (i.e., email) financial aid, your academic advisor, and your major department before doing this because it’s possible it could affect your financial aid and graduation/transfer status.  Unfortunately I can’t help you with this as I don’t have access to that info.

CLICK HERE for the official CUNY statement about all of this.  It’s long and kind of confusing, which is why I summarized it above.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Prof. Jaime Weida

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