Caitlin R. Kiernan Resources

Hello All,

Below are some resources on Caitlin R. Kiernan if you choose to write about Kiernan for your final paper.

Click the image of Kiernan below for their personal blog:

Click the image below for their official website (which, as we saw last class, hasn’t been updated in quite a while):

Click the image below for the link to Kiernan’s Amazon page (remember that I highly recommend The Drowning Girl for summer reading!). I’m afraid that the bio misgenders Kiernan, but do recall that Kiernan only announced their pronouns very recently, so I hope Amazon just hasn’t had time to make the changes yet (if Amazon doesn’t before too long, I plan to contact and correct them):

I noted that I’ve written about Kiernan and promised to share some of my writing with you.  It’s all copyrighted to me so please don’t plagiarize it!  😉

CLICK HERE for my Ph.D. dissertation chapter on Caitlin Kiernan.  I discuss both “Tears Seven Times Salt” and “Faces in Revolving Souls.”  Please note that some of the information in this chapter is outdated now, as it was written about five years ago.

CLICK HERE for my so-far unpublished article on Virginia Woolf and Caitlin Kiernan.  Be aware this is very science-heavy so it may be tough reading.  However, its format is a good example of how to incorporate research, quotation, and citation (including the Works Cited page) into a formal paper.

Hope this is helpful,

Prof. Jaime Weida

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