Updated Semester Schedule

Hello All,

As we’ve discussed, our planned semester schedule has changed quite a bit.  Below is what I hope will be the final schedule as we approach the end of the semester.

Note you can also find this on our Assignments Page (CLICK HERE).

Monday 4/27:

Wednesday 4/29:

  • Continued discussion of Lorde if necessary
  • Introduction to Billy Martin

Monday 5/4:

Wednesday 5/6:

  • Continued discussion of Billy Martin if necessary
  • Introduction to Caitlin R. Kiernan

Monday 5/11:

  • Make sure you have read “The Heat of Us: Notes Toward an Oral History” by Sam J. Miller (CLICK HERE TO READ)
  • Short essay due via email (jaimeweida@gmail.com)
    • Directions:
      • Pick any one work we have read since the last short essay.  This means works by:
        • Audre Lorde
        • Billy Martin
        • Caitlin R. Kiernan
        • Sam J. Miller
      • Analyze and discuss the work you choose from your own perspective (this is essentially a “choose your own topic”) assignment
      • Your short essay needs to be at least one page long, not including the essay heading
        • Please be sure to include YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS in the essay heading

Wednesday 5/13:

  • Film viewing of documentary on the Stonewall Uprising via zoom

Friday 5/22:

  • Final short essay due – write YOUR OWN work of Queer Literature!  This must be emailed to me at jaimeweida@gmail.com
    • Directions:
      • This is a creative writing assignment.  You may write whatever you’d like, as long as it fits under the umbrella of Queer literature.
      • Some possibilities include:
        • Write your own short story or poem
        • Write a screenplay (or part of one) or a song
        • Create a video document or podcast
        • Create a work of visual art (must provide pictures and an explanation of the work)
        • Write a prequel or sequel to something we’ve read this semester
        • Write a work of Queer literature inspired by something we’ve read this semester

Stay safe and healthy,

Prof. Jaime Weida

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