Online Resources for Billy Martin and Caitlin R. Kiernan

Hello All,

I have shown you a lot of online resources for the Queer writers Billy Martin (formerly Poppy Z. Brite) and Caitlin R. Kiernan.  Remember that I said in the case that an author is still living, their blog, interviews, and/or social media websites WOULD be acceptable as an outside source for your final research paper.

Click the picture below for Billy Martin’s official website:


(His etsy store has been taken down; I just found that out last night when I tried to check on a piece of art I’ve been watching.  I don’t know why – I’m going to send him an email to ask if everything is okay with him and Grey.)

Click the image below for Caitlin R. Kiernan’s official website:

Click this image for her LiveJournal; remember I said she writes in it frequently and often discusses her published writing:

And, finally, click the image below for the link to her Wikipedia page.  THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME I WILL EVER SAY THAT IT IS OKAY FOR YOU TO USE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESEARCH SOURCE!!!!  😛  The ONLY reason I am saying it is okay in this case is because (as I said in class) Kiernan and her partner, as well as some of her fans, wrote the page.  In her LiveJournal Kiernan said she approves of the content of this page.


Prof. Jaime Weida



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