All Assignments Up to This Point…

Hello All,

During class on Wednesday, I handed out “end of semester reports” that let you know exactly what you are missing in terms of coursework up to this point.  (Please note, as I said in class, that any in-class writing and/or group work cannot be made up so it did not appear on the report.  This is stated on the class syllabus.)

However, below are the assignments you CAN make up if you are missing.  Be aware that you will NOT receive full credit for anything turned in so late in the semester.  However, you will get SOME credit.  If you simply do not do an assignment, your grade on that assignment will be an F.  If you complete it by the final paper deadline (Thursday 5/25 at 7 PM), you will get something at least a little better than an F.


  • Homework 1:
    • Please answer the following questions:
      • Why did you sign up for this class?
      • What does the word “Queer” mean to you?
      • What pronouns would you like me to use to refer to you?
  • Homework 2:
    • Write at LEAST ONE FULL PAGE discussing your thoughts about and reaction to the Oscar Wilde documentary we watched in class
    • This assignment may be typed or hand-written

Here is the documentary:

  • Homework 3:
    • This assignment involves creative writing.
    • Pretend YOU were present at the Stonewall Uprising.  It is completely up to you how you want to imagine you were there – you can be one of the people attending the club, an onlooker who saw what happened, or even a police officer if you want.  Use your imagination!
    • Write AT LEAST ONE FULL PAGE discussing your observations of the event, what you thought, and how you responded.  For example:
      • If you were someone attending the club that night, did you fight back against the officers arresting people, or did you try to get away?  Why?
      • If you were someone watching what was happening from the outside, how did you react?  Did you join the uprising?  How did you feel about what was going on?
      • If you were a police officer, did you willingly join in the raid on Stonewall?  Did you willingly arrest people?  Did you maybe join the uprising?
      • These are only a FEW possibilities – use your imagination!  🙂
    • Be as creative and descriptive as you can.  Make sure to establish who you “are” and how you came to observe the uprising.
    • It might help to write this in letter or journal format.  For example:
      • I can’t believe what happened last night.  I was out at the Stonewall Inn like always.  I know it’s kind of grimy, but there are so few places in the city where I can dance with other men and hold their hands and maybe even kiss without fearing for my life.  I hate that I have to keep my identity secret all the rest of the time, which is why I keep going back to the Stonewall.  We get raided by the NYPD often; it’s something we’ve come to expect.  But last night was different…
      • Dear Maria, I know I haven’t written you in a long time but something really important just happened.  I think this might mean real change in this country; we are starting to fight back!  You know I don’t blame you for moving away.  I miss you every day but I understand that your family is important to you and they couldn’t stand that you were with another woman.  I’ll admit that I’ve often gone to the Stonewall Inn since you left and sometimes hooked up with women; I’ve been lonely without you.  I was headed there late at night a few days ago.  I saw police cars and crowds of people and heard sirens.  You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you!…
      • I was on my way home last night after a late-night shift.  My route home takes me by the Stonewall Inn.  I’m not gay, but I have never had a problem with the fact that the Stonewall is a gay club.  I think it’s not fair that gay people in NYC still have to hide who they are.  I was exhausted and half-asleep on the walk home, but I woke up in a hurry when I saw what was going on at the Stonewall Inn…
      • This is my letter of resignation.  I have worked for the NYPD for twenty years and have received several commendations and helped bust one of the biggest drug dealers in the city.  However, I can not continue to work for the NYPD.  I vowed to “protect and serve” the people of New York City.  The raid on the Stonewall Inn last week, in which I was ordered to take part, did not protect or serve anyone.  Instead, it targeted the citizens of our great city who are in the most need of protection…
    •    Be creative and use your imagination!  This is meant to be a fun assignment.
  • Homework 4:
    • Write your OWN work of Queer literature!  🙂
    • This may be a story, poem, play, song, essay, spoken word piece, comic, etc.  Be creative!
    • One thing you might choose to do is to “Queer” a faery-tale, like Kiernan does to “The Little Mermaid” with “Tears Seven Times Salt.”  For example:
      • What if a princess, not a prince, came to rescue and awaken Sleeping Beauty?
      • What if Cinderella didn’t want to marry a prince, but rather was interested in her Faery Godmother?
      • What if in “Snow White,” the prince went off with the dwarves instead?
      • Etc…basically, re-write a faery-tale to change the hetero-normative narrative it represents.


Please remember:


Good Luck,

Prof. Jaime Weida



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