Links to Class Readings

Hello All,

As you all know, I am having ongoing, INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING problems with posting our class readings since recent updates to Dropbox (my file hosting service).  I am working on it and in the short term I am going to send out PDFs of our most recent readings to the class email list.  You’ll have those before our next class.

However, there is one way you can access ALL the readings on our website right now: sign up for a Dropbox account.  It is easy, free, and actually isn’t a bad place to store your files online for personal use.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a Dropbox account.

One note: DO NOT sign up for the upgraded version where you have to pay.  I only did that because I thought it would fix the problems with the links to our readings (it obviously didn’t!).  But the free version will give you access to every reading on our website.


Prof. Jaime Weida



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