Assignment Due Weds. 4/5

Hello All,

You will have a choice about what you need to turn in on Wednesday, April 5, which is our last class before the Spring Break.

  1. You can choose to turn in an entire draft of the mini-research paper.  (CLICK HERE for directions.)  If you do this, I will read and mark your paper.  You then can make a decision about revision.
  2. You can ALSO choose to write a COMPREHENSIVE outline for your mini-research paper.  This means:
    • You need, in your outline, to clearly and specifically state your paper topic.
      • In other words: “Discuss historical bias against Queer writers” is NOT a paper topic.
      • A paper topic might be: “Oscar Wilde’s trials and subsequent imprisonment, as he discussed in “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” and De Profundis, represent a deep-rooted homophobia that sadly still persists today.”
    • You ALSO need to give at least THREE specific examples, including some discussion, to back up your topic.
    • You ALSO need to find at least ONE reliable outside source of information about your topic.
      • You must also explain HOW this information source will help you write your paper.
      • You must give the CORRECT MLA citation for this source.
    • If you choose to do the outline only, you MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT A FULL PAPER AFTER THE SPRING BREAK.

Good Luck,

Prof. Jaime Weida



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