Billy Martin

Hello All,

I’m well aware that I was definitely “squeeing” in class last night about seeing Billy Martin again!  😉  However, he is a great artist and his writing, while quite controversial (i.e., Exquisite Corpse), has helped introduce many readers and the literary community to a Queer and Trans* perspective.  Moreover, his transparency about his gender identity transition is very inspiring.

Last night in class I said that Martin has talked pretty openly about his transition on his blog.  Click his picture below for his personal blog:

(That’s his boyfriend Grey on the left!)

Martin also has an etsy store, from which (as I said), I’ve bought a fair amount of his art.  CLICK HERE for the store.

While we won’t be getting to Martin’s writing for a little while, I do have more PDFs of his work than I’ve assigned for our class.  If you’re interested, see the list below.  Again, please note that his writing has been and continues to be published under the name Poppy Z. Brite – I don’t feel comfortable asking him why, but I assume it may be for legal reasons.

Please be warned: a lot of Martin’s work is VERY graphic, in terms of sex and violence both.

In class I mentioned Martin’s seminal vampire novel Lost Souls; this is perhaps the most important vampire novel since Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire.  (I am not even talking about Twilight – ptooey!)  🙂  In any case, CLICK HERE to buy it on Amazon.

I also talked about his controversial novel Exquisite Corpse, which was very loosely based on the Jeffrey Dahmer murders as well as a British serial killer.  It is VERY explicit, even by the standards of Martin’s writing.  He got death threats after it was published and it was banned in some places.  CLICK HERE to buy it on Amazon. 


Prof. Jaime Weida



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